Therapeutic Team


Dr. Oliver Kieffer
Conceptual management

Certified coach (rehab) – doctor of sports science
Since the foundation of OrthoTrain in 2006, Dr. Oliver Kieffer has been responsible for the general concept of OrthoTrain and the implementation of the therapeutic content as well as for the internal training and professional development of OrthoTrain staff.
Dr. Kieffer has more than fifteen years’ experience in Medical Training Therapy. After studying at Mainz and the German Sport University Cologne, Dr. Kieffer worked at various therapy institutions, gained practical clinical experience during many years of supervising rehabilitation training for professional athletes and developed concepts for MTT-based treatment of orthopedic and neurological patients.


Frank Kretzschmar
Therapy management

Certified coach (rehab)
Frank Kretzschmar has been part of OrthoTrain since 2007 and is the only man on the therapy team. After studying sports science at the German Sport University Cologne, he achieved an additional diploma in sports therapy. Frank has broad therapeutic knowledge that he acquired during many years of practical work at various rehabilitation institutions. He gathered specialized experience in treating competitive athletes during the several years he spent at the Valznerweiher rehab center in Nuremberg. At OrthoTrain Frank is responsible for diagnostics and training, and he also attends to competitive athletes. His wealth of experience benefits both his patients and his OrthoTrain team members.


Kathrin Wagner
Therapy management

Physical therapist – certified coach (rehab)
Kathrin Wagner has been working in the field of therapy for more than ten years and has been part of the OrthoTrain team since March 2010. After becoming a physical therapist and studying sports science at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, she worked for a variety of therapy institutions. Kathrin has wide experience in the field of therapy and is OrthoTrain’s resident expert on gait and treadmill analysis, a topic that was also the focus of her thesis. In addition, she is a licensed instructor for Kegel exercise, Pilates and power walking.