How to find us

The orthopedic practice, and therefore OrthoTrain, is located next to the subway and commuter-train station of Friedrichstraße. If you’re arriving by public transportation, get out at Friedrichstraße and look for the Internationales Handelszentrum (IHZ). We’re on the fifth floor of the building right in front of it. Map


Please take your diagnosis along to your doctor’s appointment. The orthopedist attending to you at our practice will transmit your diagnosis and other clinical findings to the therapists at OrthoTrain.

Test/therapy duration

Please allow an hour for each appointment. Usually therapy comprises ten to twelve appointments and is followed by a retest after which it is determined whether the therapy should be continued.


Showers are available in the changing area. If you ever forget part of your kit, we’ll be happy to help you out.


The therapists will evaluate the results with you immediately after the test and provide you with your records so you can add them to your files. The results will be discussed with you, and the appropriate therapy will be determined, when you see your doctor.


The therapists on the OrthoTrain team will answer any questions you may have about the tests and the training either in person or over the phone.


The doctor decides which test is right for which indication; that’s why it’s important for you to see your orthopedist before you make an appointment at OrthoTrain.


Need more information? Use the contact form and we’ll call you back.


Usually the costs of testing and Medical Training Therapy are covered by private insurance companies.

Medical Training Therapy

Medical Training Therapy (MTT) constitutes a link between physical therapy, which is mostly based on passive measures, and subsequent independent training at a gym or club. In addition to an anamnesis, MTT incorporates a comprehensive analysis of performance and muscle function followed by training that teaches you how to address your deficits.


Parking is available at the parking garage in Dorotheenstraße at the corner of Planckstraße, right behind the Internationales Handelszentrum (IHZ). Map

Resting heart rate

You will have to know your resting heart rate for the ergometer-based cardio test that will be used to determine your endurance. Please measure your resting heart rate in the morning before you get up.

Sports science

All our therapists have studied sports science, which constitutes the essential basis of our therapy.


The term Tergumed is derived from tergum, “spine”.


You can make an appointment here -> Contact form.

What’s the difference to physical therapy?

Physical therapy is hands-on, i.e. physical therapists use various techniques to mobilize joints and body parts. They also prepare patients for active training by showing them certain exercises and basic postures.

Medical referral

All services are provided on a referral-only basis, so you will first have to see your orthopedist.

What should I take along?

Please take along training clothes, athletic shoes and a towel. When you’re scheduled to do the treadmill analysis, take along the running shoes you use for jogging. Please refer to the general Information for patients and the Information for patients on gait and running analysis, which you can download in a printer-friendly format.


Please allow an hour for each appointment.